Customised displays Made in Italy: Woodvision by S.C. Arredamenti

Woodvision designs and produces custom displays to enhance products and meet all marketing needs.

From the large and medium-sized retailer to the small shopkeeper, we support our customers with customised displays without quantity constraints.

All of our displays, including totems, counter displays, promotional sets, corners, and pop-ups, are distinguished by high-quality materials and innovative lines. They are durable and functional creations with the added value of an original design to display in any setting with style.

40 years of experience, with a passion for innovation

Woodvision was created as a result of decades of expertise of  SC Arredamenti, a renowned Florentine business producing custom furniture.

The company Sergio Campostrini founded in 1977 has evolved over the years under the direction of his sons, blending enthusiasm and traditional processing methods with new business development methods. This path of growth and affirmation gave rise to a second brand, specialising in the production of customised displays. Today, Woodvision specialises in providing custom solutions for each display space to satisfy the needs of all retailers who want to highlight their products.

Our values:



The basis of each of our projects is attention to the customer’s requirements and listening to their particular space and display needs.

This is why our displays optimise every sales experience with original designs and custom finishes, whether in one-off projects or mass production.


Quality Made in Italy

Each Woodvision display is entirely made in Italy to the highest quality standards at every stage of the supply chain.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail have always accompanied our creations, from the design phase to the material selection stage, from the building stage to the finishing phase.



We work in an industry where space is often expected to adapt to the displays.

We believe precisely the opposite. Through the creativity and efficiency we reserve for each project, each of our displays is made to maximise the products on display and the available area.

Our team


Production Management, Managing Director or CEO and Production Director

Alessandro leads the team and supervises production, making the most important decisions for the company’s future. In addition to meticulously overseeing the production process, he is in charge of organising the workload, suppliers, and human resources.

He locates clients through targeted inspections, recommending ideal solutions to each one according to their needs.

Sabrina - Direzione progettazione, Direttore operativo generale e Project Director


Design Management, Chief Operating Officer or COO and Project Director

Sabrina’s role is to conceive, anticipate and understand customers’ wishes in order to create projects that meet their requirements. She manages all steps from idea to after-sales.

She takes care of bids and bookkeeping with punctuality and precision.

Elisabetta Argento - Direzione vendite e Sales Account Manager​


Sales Management and Sales Account Manager

Elisabetta maintains the company blog and other facets of web marketing, as well as client acquisition through digital or direct contact.

Together with Sabrina, they follow each project from acquisition to production. As a salesperson, she also takes care of customer care, providing customers with the time and attention they deserve.

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