Our Displays

Innovative Design for shops, showrooms and shopping centres

Displays for windows, shops, and supermarkets

The Woodvision catalogue includes all types of displays for supermarkets, shops, and stores of all sizes. Customisable floor displays, counter displays, Totems and Corners to create the perfect backdrop for your products.

Our in-house design and production departments are ready to create the ideal display for those who want customised point-of-sale solutions.

We shape your requests with the same enthusiasm and technical expertise that have always been by our side, starting with machined wood and premium materials.

Our displays and fittings

for points of sale and large-scale retail trade

Woodvision has a wide range of prototypes for innovative, robust and elegant supermarket and shop displays. Each display can be customised in terms of shape, size, graphics, and finish to provide a distinctive and surprising result.

Discover all displays and point-of-sale displays among:

Woodvision floor displays

We create frontal, double-frontal, and revolving floor displays to increase the appeal and familiarity of your items. Thanks to customisable graphics and design, Woodvision supermarket and shop displays instantly convey your brand’s identity.

Woodvision counter displays

Woodvision counter displays provide quality and customisation to enhance goods and informational materials in stores and points of sale. A range of original and customisable displays to meet every in-store marketing need.

Woodvision display totems

Because of their distinctive design and the functionality of their sturdy, long-lasting materials, Woodvision totems stand out among the displays for supermarkets, shops, and windows. Container totems are designed to offer the best visibility in relation to the context and available space.

Woodvision corners

Display corners are point-of-sale displays ideal for launching products, presenting services, and promoting your brand. We produce unique solutions and customised fittings for stores and shopping centres by comprehensively examining the display area.

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