Woodvision corner displays for shops and supermarkets

Woodvision corner displays are designed to enhance temporary points of sale within stores, supermarkets, trade fairs, and events.

Thanks to the versatility of Woodvision’s advertising corners, it is possible to create a customised corner shop with careful attention to detail.

Every installation is guaranteed elegance and functionality thanks to the high quality of materials like machined wood and the potentially limitless variety of finishes.

An innovative solution to stand out with originality even in the most competitive environments.

Corner displays for promotions in every environment

Woodvision makes Pop Up corners and displays of all shapes and sizes to create unique and eye-catching commercial displays.

Advertising corners are important marketing tools to promote a brand, even in congested settings such as shopping centres.

To be truly effective, they must capture attention and immediately express corporate information, identity and values. Our corner displays are characterised by customised design, style, and sturdy construction, giving your products the prominence you seek.

The Advantages of Woodvision Pop Up Displays

Woodvision corner displays are the result of the passion and expertise developed over nearly 50 years of producing custom furniture and fixtures.

The development of the highest-quality advertising corners has been made possible by in-house production and a never-ending search for better and more inventive alternatives.

Our service includes careful preparation and adherence to the client’s requirements, including those related to price and delivery schedule. In particular, we assist you with the following:

In particular, we assist you with:

Custom-made advertising corners

Woodvision has an in-house technical studio to design your custom Pop up display down to the smallest detail.

The company’s production department also produces advertising corners according to customer-supplied designs. We organise the supply chain by optimising the budget and lead times using CAD programs and the simulation of the various production stages.

The end result is precise, customised designs for small samples or mass production, providing the greatest quality while minimising material waste.

Customisation of Pop Up Displays

Woodvision corner displays and pop-ups are designed to convey the identity and information salient to the target audience at a glance. We customise each advertising corner according to customer requirements, with accessories and finishes aligned with marketing objectives.

From brand colours to graphic prints to logo and text insertion, we create the ideal customised Pop up displays for your communication.

High-quality Pop up displays

Every point of contact with the public influences how the public perceives the quality of a brand and its products.

Woodvision corner displays immediately convey care, creativity and reliability. The company’s in-house production chain allows us to ensure quality and transparency at all stages of production. This advantage translates into a final product that always lives up to expectations.

Our creations

Discover some of the advertising corners we have created for our customers.

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