Custom wood floor displays for your projects

Woodvision floor displays are the innovative solution for highlighting the products in your store.

They are entirely Made in Italy, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are constructed from high-quality materials, including expertly crafted wood.

From small shops to large stores, Woodvision floor displays enhance every type of space thanks to their exclusive design and custom planning.

Customised floor displays in every format and model

Woodvision floor displays are customisable in terms of models and finishes to best suit your promotion strategy.

They come in single-sided, double-sided, swivelling, and fitted with shelves and shaped shelves according to the customer’s needs, making them perfect for many different types of products.

A customised floor display is an extremely effective tool for immediately promoting a product’s features or the customer’s brand identity. That is why we create customised displays taking into account the individual project and the marketing strategy objectives.

The Advantages of Woodvision floor displays

Choosing Woodvision means being able to rely on almost 50 years of experience in the creation of custom furniture, displays and fittings.

Utilising the effectiveness of contemporary technology, techniques and workmanship are combined to simultaneously meet the need for quality, aesthetics, and timeliness.

In particular, we assist customers with the following:

Customised design

Our technical office designs and develops floor displays according to budget, quantity, structure, and material requirements.

Using cutting-edge technology and simulation programs allows us to optimise costs and production times, guaranteeing on-time delivery and compliance with customer requirements.

Exclusive customisation

The format, style, and finish of Woodvision floor displays can be customised based on selected materials.

They can also graphically display colours, logos, and texts aimed at enhancing the brand and the products on display. Whether making one-of-a-kind samples or mass production, each project is planned to guarantee elegance and distinction.

Resistance and functionality

Entirely Made in Italy with high-quality materials, the floor displays are guaranteed to be solid and functional.

The thoughtful design prioritises functionality and product durability and makes assembly easier. An on-site installation service is also available on request.

Our creations

Discover some of the floor display projects we have created for our customers.

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