Displays for shops and shop windows

Woodvision shop displays are designed and manufactured to attract customers with their exclusive design and high-quality materials and workmanship.

Entirely manufactured in-house, our wooden displays for shops, shop windows, and points of sale are the solution for those who wish to enhance their products with creativity and individuality.

Our staff uses creativity and technical expertise to bring every exhibit concept to life, whether it be floor-standing displays, totems, corners, or counter displays. They provide an effective and elegant answer to any marketing need.

The shop display tailored to your strategy

A point-of-sale setup is a crucial element of communication with the customer.

The customer’s perception of a store is largely influenced by its ambience and style and extends to its goods and services.

Woodvision creates shop displays designed to convey accuracy, quality and professionalism at first glance. For us, it is critical that each display make the most of the space provided and effectively highlight the products it features to boost sales. We also produce window displays that attract potential customers and meet Visual Merchandising requirements.

The advantages of Woodvision shop displays

Choosing a Woodvision shop display means getting an exclusive product in terms of style, practicality and materials.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience in designing and creating furniture and fittings for retail and large-scale retail trade, our team guarantees workmanship with attention to every detail.

The end result is window and shop displays that maximise sales through artistic design and reliability conveyed to the customer. The exceptional versatility of the service also offers the opportunity for innovative creations, even for limited editions or one-off pieces.

Designing displays for shop windows and shops

Our technical department is at your disposal to create the shop or window display tailored to your marketing needs.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and software, combined with the creativity of our designers, we design point-of-sale displays and fittings of all types and within budget.

Upon request, we create the displays using the customer’s design after conducting a technical feasibility and production cost analysis.


Wood displays for shops and stores

Woodworking is the basis of our company’s history. Those who want displays that can enthral customers and give the point of sale cosiness and elegance can count on the craftsmanship and allure of our wood creations.

Durable and innovative window and shop displays to make your display space a tool for distinctiveness and brand identity. Every project is developed while keeping in mind usability and display effectiveness optimisation in relation to the surroundings

Customised point-of-sale fittings

Woodvision point-of-sale fittings and shop window displays are fully customisable. Our capacity to handle every aspect of realisation internally allows us to provide maximum availability to satisfy customer needs.

We are prepared to design the ideal shop display for you, starting with selecting the best style of display and customising it with unique accessories and finishes. Displays can also be personalised with specific logos, text, and colours based on the products and according to the needs of the marketing campaign.

The display types that can be created include:

Floor displays

Counter displays

Display totems

Display corners

Our creations

Discover some of the counter displays we have created for our customers.

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