Displays for supermarkets and
large-scale retail trade

Woodvision designs and manufactures original and custom supermarket and retail displays for any marketing requirement.

We design the custom display for every brand and project, from totems to checkout displays, from corners to floor-standing displays.

Woodvision supermarket displays are created from high-quality materials and are sized and shaped perfectly to highlight products in relation to space. Unique and elegant solutions to catch the eye and communicate effectively.

Displays for shopping centres, outlets and large stores

To provide maximum versatility and display types that exceed the highest standards of quality, Woodvision manufactures every display type in-house.

The result is displays for supermarkets and shopping centres that are bound to impress with their accurate workmanship and perfect functionality.

All of our solutions, from the smallest display to display counters, are hand-crafted with the benefit of cutting-edge technology. This way, we can satisfy the demands of both those who want a limited edition and those who need bulk production.

The advantages of Woodvision shop displays

Placing your displays in supermarkets, outlets, and shopping centres means gaining wide visibility due to the large influx of people.

However, there is a lot of competition and visual stimulation. For this reason, it is important to differentiate yourself with innovative and customised display solutions.

Woodvision’s displays offer the perfect fusion of aesthetics and effectiveness to create displays that stand out even in the largest and most crowded environments.

From food display counters to promotional corners, from floor-standing displays to counter and checkout displays. All solutions to enhance your products even in the most competitive environments.

Display design for supermarkets

Our technical department is ready to design the display for supermarkets and large stores tailored to your space and communication needs.

In order to optimise time and cost, we use CAD software to develop the optimum design and precise simulations of every production step.

Counter displays can also be made according to the customer’s design, carrying out feasibility studies and production cost estimates in-house.

Wood displays and display counters

The quality of the material is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of an effective display. Woodvision makes wood displays and display counters with craftsmanship honed over more than 40 years in the industry.

Exclusive solutions that distinguish each brand with professionalism and communicate its prestige and attention to detail. A display not only serves as a vital sales and marketing tool, but it also communicates the company’s values and identity.

Therefore, it must be carefully planned out in every detail to convey the desired information and emotions to the customer.


Custom supermarket displays

All Woodvision supermarket and retail displays can be customised in terms of model, accessories and finishes.

The display can be completed with hooks, shelves, platforms, and other elements, as well as a matte or glossy finish in any colour.

The display can be customised to further emphasise its individuality using logos, text, and prints associated with the brand and products being showcased.

The display types that can be created include:

Floor displays

Counter displays

Display totems

Display corners

Our creations

Discover some of the counter displays we have created for our customers.

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