Custom totem displays for your company

Woodvision designs and manufactures totem displays for visual marketing in any commercial environment.

Made of wood and quality materials, Woodvision advertising totems are designed to offer durability, elegance and practicality while optimising time and costs.

From promotional totems to information totems, Woodvision wooden totems draw attention with their distinctive and personalised designs. Unique and functional solutions, available from single units up to bulk production.

Totems with customised models and finishes

Choosing Woodvision display totems means endless design possibilities.

In addition to the numerous prototypes of advertising totems available, you can request a display totem customised for you and your communication strategy.

From the lines to the dimensions, from the shape to the accessories, we make wood advertising totems according to your specifications. An excellent added value for promoting your company with the distinctiveness it merits.

The advantages of Woodvision display totems

Woodvision customised totems result from almost 50 years of expertise in customised furniture and display fittings.

Our company has a production department with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of qualified experts. This way, we can fulfil any request regardless of the number of display totems required.

Even in the case of mass production, we pay special attention to keeping prices and lead times under control. In particular, we assist customers with the following:

In particular, we assist you with:

Design of totem displays

Our technical studio is prepared to suggest the creative design that is best for you in order to fine-tune the ideal advertising totem for your strategy.

Using state-of-the-art CAD programmes, we can simulate every stage of creation, guaranteeing adherence to the budget and schedule. For customer-supplied designs, we create customised totems after conducting a thorough technical feasibility and production cost study.

There are a variety of models that have one or more sides, pockets or shelves, depending on your needs.

Customised advertising totems

The effectiveness of a totem display also depends on its ability to best represent the brand it promotes.

Woodvision advertising totems can be customised in terms of colours, graphics, text, and finishes to best communicate the qualities of the company and the products on display.

Each customisation takes into account the customer’s specifications and the intended display space. Our team will also provide on-site installation of the display upon request.

High-quality wood totems

A distinctive feature of Woodvision’s advertising totems is the quality of the end product delivered to the customer.

Each display totem is made to the highest production standards, starting with premium materials like wood and meticulous craftsmanship.

We can guarantee this level of care thanks to the direct control of all stages of the supply chain, entirely in-house.

Our creations

Discover some of the display totems we have created for our customers.

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