Our Process

All stages in the production of custom displays

Woodvision produces each advertising display in-house to have complete control over the quality of the product.

Based on the design from the customer or our creative department, we produce custom displays with selected materials to ensure strength and stability.

Practical and original, Woodvision wood displays are the result of experience, innovation, and technology. An efficient and proven production process to meet even the most sophisticated demands with punctuality.

How we work:

A close-knit skilled team works closely together to produce the displays to the highest standards

 In particular, we produce displays for the following:

The production process:



Our in-house technical studio designs and develops customised displays for shop windows, shops, and retail outlets.

Thanks to the use of CAD software for project activities and accurate simulation of machining, we guarantee maximum efficiency without wasting time and materials.

When the customer provides the design, we check and manage the documentation, assessing technical feasibility and production costs. In this way, we fully meet the demands of prototypes, one-off projects, and large series production.



The Woodvision carpentry department is equipped with machinery and equipment for all types of work.

In particular, we have Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Centres, an advanced technology that ensures precision and accuracy at every stage of production.

The result is faster and higher quality productions, both in sampling and large-scale production. Depending on the project and the products to be displayed, we also produce displays with inclined shelves, hooks, and accessory supports.


Customised finishes

Woodvision displays can be customised with countless different types of finishes.

From untreated wooden displays to those made of laminated materials, with a matte or glossy finish, in any colour. Painting is carried out in pressurised booths, where temperature and humidity are systematically controlled for consistent quality.

Where necessary, we use water-based, non-toxic products in accordance with UNI EN 71-3. Each display can be graphically characterised with text, colours and the customer’s brand logo.


Mounting and installation

We design the displays to guarantee stability and durability, keeping the context and support bases in mind.

We will assemble and install it upon request at the point of sale and in the space provided.

Made in Italy quality

All our advertising displays are made of high-quality materials and are designed and manufactured in-house according to “Made in Italy” quality standards.

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